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Laboratory Information Management System

Simplify your lab's operations

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Manage and automate your lab’s operations and processes from start to end by digitally transforming your lab with our robust Laboratory information management software (LIMS).

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With LIMS you can achieve more

LIMS benefits


Automate Lab Processes

Automate 40% of the lab processes with Drish's lab management software.

Efficient System

Get 65% more capacity for tests each day by using an effective and efficient LIMS.

Error Free Reports

While using LIMS the error rate in reports is reduced by 10x.

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Stuck with the complexity of managing lab processes?

Lab data management can be a challenging task. Dealing with the increasing complexity of testing requirements and keeping with changing regulations can be annoying and complex.

But with LIMS you can handle all this with your fingertips. Our LIMS solutoin can help you manage lab process from start (collecting samples) to end (invoice realization).

Increase your Lab’s efficiency with Drish’s Lab Management System — LIMS, that help you in automating workflows, managing sample testing, generating reports, invoice handling, and more.

What Does LIMS Do?

Process and flow of LIMS

01. Order Booking

Order booking is handled by the LIMS. You just need to fill the basic details about the sample.

02. Sample Receiving & Booking

Samples can be directly delivered to the lab or the customer can request sample pickup. After the lab has received the sample an automated email will be sent to the customer confirming sample booking status.

Doctor working in lab

03. Testing & Report Generation

Technical person will allocate the test to a analyst. The Analyst will perform the test and add the results on the system. After that section in-charge will review the Test results & finalized report will be sent to the QA department.

05. Status Updation

The customer can check the status of each test anytime from the start (sample booking) till the end (Invoice realization) in the LIMS.

04. Invoice Generation

QA approved reports will be sent for Invoice generation. Reports & invoices will be converted into PDF and added to the LIMS for the customer to check the reports anytime and pay the dues.

05. Status Updation

The customer can check the status of each test anytime from the start (sample booking) to end (Invoice realization) from the the LIMS.

Key benefits of using LIMS

Although the primary purpose of a LIMS is to track and manage sample testing and its process, but it can do so much more, like:

Sample tracking

Report generation

24*7 Customer support

Check test status anytime

Handles invoicing

Customized solution to match any lab’s requirements

Get the most out of your lab business with Drish's Laboratory Data Management System.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A Lab Information System or Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)  is a software application used by laboratories to manage and automate their operations, including sample management, workflow management, data management, and inventory management.

Any laboratory that generates data and requires efficient management of samples, test results, and associated data can benefit from using a LIMS system.

The cost of a LIMS or Laboratory Information System can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the laboratory’s workflows, the number of users, and the required functionality. If you looking a quotation then schedule a call with one of our representative or contact us here.

LIMS can integrate with various other laboratory software and instruments to provide a comprehensive laboratory management solution like Electronic lab notebook (ELN), Laboratory execution systems (LES), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more.

ITC Labs based in Panchkula, India was our first customer and saw excellent results in the first year of implementation of the solution.

ITC Labs

Case study

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