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Transformation from Bugged to Bugfree

Test better. Test smarter

We believe in achieving the best ROI for our clients by pairing them with experienced software testers who can design, execute and manage their testing strategy.

Quality assurance solutions

Drish Infotech provides full-spectrum quality assurance and testing solutions for desktop, web, and mobile applications. We ensure your end-users enjoy a seamless experience.

We develop custom automated test scripts to thoroughly assess every step of the software development cycle because they are great for producing better software in a short time frame.

This is a comprehensive service that covers the most popular testing solutions, including UI, usability, installation, user acceptance, error handling, and security testing.

Our API testing services are designed to guarantee your application programming interfaces meet all expectations related to functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Explore our versatile Web and Mobile Quality Assurance Solutions designed to integrate the best QA practices into your project development schedule. 

Increasing load time, inefficient responsiveness and instability can be overcome by performance testing.

Tools and Tech

Automation testing tools

Sprigboot, TestNG, appium, Selenium, Maven, Elastic and more

Manual testing tools

Postman, Jira, sqlmap, OWASP, TestRail, BurpSuite.

Performance testing tools

Apache JMeter, WebLOAD, LoadUI Pro, LoadView, NeoLoad, LoadRunner, Silk Performer.

API testing tools

Katalon Studio, Postman, Apigee, JMeter, Rest-assured, Assertible, Soap UI.

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