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Manpower Billing and Salary Management Software

Best payroll software for small business — MBSMS

Elevate your small business with our comprehensive payroll system software. Manpower Billing and Salary Management software (MBSMS) is the best payroll management system, combining precise payroll management and advanced billing features for small businesses.

Empower Your Workforce with MBSMS
Empower Your Workforce with MBSMS

Elevate Your Business with MBSMS

MBSMS benefits

Precision Payroll Management

Automate payroll processing with unparalleled accuracy.

Efficient Billing Solutions

Streamline client projects with our intuitive billing and invoicing system.

Secure and Compliant

Role-based access control and stay compliant with labor laws

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Payroll management
Small business
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Navigating Payroll Chaos? Say Goodbye to Complexity!

Manually managing payroll and  invoicing can be overwhelming. MBSMS simplifies manpower payroll management with automated payroll and streamlined billing.

MBSMS: Your all in one solution that transforms payroll complexities into seamless processes.

Transform the way you manage your workforce. Experience the simplicity of automated payroll, and streamlined billing functionalities with Drish’s software for payroll processing — MBSMS. 

How does MBSMS work?

Process and flow of MBSMS

01. Adding Organization’s and its Employee’s data

Effortlessly input and manage organizational and employee data. MBSMS simplifies the process of adding and updating information, ensuring your database is always accurate and up-to-date

02. Setting up the Compliances

Set up and manage various compliances, ensuring your business stays on the right side of regulations effortlessly

03. Enter Employee’s Attendance

Enter and manage employee attendance seamlessly, whether it's regular hours, overtime, or leave. Precision in attendance tracking has never been this straightforward.

05. Generate the Invoices

Simplify billing and invoicing with MBSMS. Create and customize invoices effortlessly. Elevate your billing process and keep your finances in check.

04. Create the Payroll

Transform payroll creation into a swift and accurate process. MBSMS automates the payroll generation, calculating salaries, deductions, and taxes with precision, leaving you with more time for strategic business activities.

05. Status Updation

The customer can check the status of each test anytime from the start (sample booking) to end (Invoice realization) from the the LIMS.

Key benefits of using MBSMS

Using MBSMS you can achieve more.

Precision Payroll Management

Efficient Billing Solutions

Tailored for Small Businesses

Compliance Assurance

Cost-Effective Solution

Customer Support

Start Your Journey to Effortless Workforce Payroll & Billing Management Software — MBSMS

Ready for a change? Schedule a demo on how MBSMS can streamline your payroll and billing tasks effortlessly.


Most frequent questions and answers about MBSMS

MBSMS stands for Manpower Billing and Salary Management Solution, a comprehensive software designed to automate payroll, streamline billing, and enhance overall workforce management.

Absolutely! MBSMS is the best human resource payroll software or HR payroll software for small businesses, offering enterprise-level features, and efficient billing solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

MBSMS prioritizes data security. We implement role-based access control and data encryption to ensure that your sensitive information is protected.

Yes, MBSMS is regularly updated to ensure compliance with labor laws. Our system includes features and reports that help businesses stay compliant with regulations related to payroll and workforce management.

No, In the current version of MBSMS project-based billing can’t be done. But we can surely customize it with your needs if you want, just drop your enquiry at

Nova Security is a Chandigarh based leading security service provider, and they’re using MBSMS since 2022.

Nova Security

Case study

Manage your Workforce's Payroll and Billing effortlessly with MBSMS.

Book your demo for MBSMS – your all-in-one solution for workforce management!